Helping the community to be prepared for the
"Next Disaster"
It is prudent to assume that when a disaster
  You "Must" have already in place
(at the very minimum)

(1) A solid plan of what to do !
(2) The supplies required to allow you to maintain a quality of life !
(3) The means to carry out your plan without counting on others for anything !
"For a minimum of 3 Days"

This is not an attempt to collect any money or donations !!!!!!!
(don't have any way to accept them and don't want them)
This is not a part of any origination that is providing services
to deal with any current disaster

The intent of this site is to gather (and share) what has been recomended
by those incharge of careing for people durring a disaster
as it relates to what we as citizens should do to remain safe and self suffecent
"When" not if, the next disaster strikes our area

If you plan ahead properly you should be able to
volenteer and help others instead of needing help
The true goal is to reduce the drain on whatever limited resources  (if any)
are abel to be put into place "immediately" as disasters strike
 thus allowing those who require help the most, to receive it!

This web site is dedicated to helping people to realize
what they need to do for themselves to be able to survive unassisted
and not to have to count on others to provide
  what should already be in place
 when it's needed the most

Please watch as this site becomes
"The Source"
For the Information you need, Before you need it !!!
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